Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Companion, Our House is Haunted, and Andre's Baptism!

Hello all of my family and friends, I hope everyone is just having a great time. This week has been a good week. My new companion came into town last Monday. His name is Elder Setijawan and he is a really funny, short Indonesian guy. We spent most of this week visiting all of the investigators and members and intorducing each other with the new missionary in town.

So a couple weeks ago my investigator Andre had a strong faith in the church but was hesitant to get baptized because of some other problems he had. We continued to help him and strengthen him. Then not too long ago he told us that he was totally ready to be baptized and yesterday he got baptized! Miracles can happen every day in the mission.

So we have also been having some paranormal activity in our house this week. All the members already knew that our house was haunted and stuff, most of the buildings here in Indonesia are haunted. But this week my companion saw spirits or ghosts 2 different nights and Elder Zollinger had a pretty tragic experience a couple nights ago that left him pretty scared and shaken up. He relates his experience to Joseph Smith's experience right before the first vision when the Devil tried to stop him and how he couldn't even move. I personally have never seen or experienced anything paranormal yet but pretty much every Indonesian has and a buch of missionaries have too. Really interesting and a little scary.

Well today for P-day we were planning on climbing Bukit Tidar with the Elders and Sisters from Jogja but it didn't happen, so we will do it next week. So today I think we will just eat at KFC and go to the mall or something.

Have a great week!
- Elder Hymas

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  1. When I looked at your picture for this week, the song from Sesame Street, "One of these things is not like the others", ran through my mind!! My son Russ served in Chile. He's 6'7, and was head & shoulders taller than most of the natives. He soon became known as the 2 meter gringo......