Monday, May 11, 2015

3 Months in Magelang, 3 Months to go

A whole ton hasn't happened this week. Elder Zollinger was at the hospital for a while this week in Jogja, and another elder from Jogja stayed with his. So his companion Elder Lie joined with Elder Widigdo and I this week and worked with us. It went well and we worked hard.

On like last Wednesday my skin started turning red and itching on my hands and arms, and my feet a little. It was weird and I didn't like it, maybe it was an allergy or something. Anyway it went away and I feel fine again. Just annoying that's all haha.

We had a Zone meeting together in Solo on Friday. It was good and I remembered that Solo is a lot hotter than Magelang. I really love how (relatively) colder it is in Magelang.

So I am getting a new companion this week. The moves are happening on Wednesday but my companion is not coming until Saturday so I am going to be in a threesome with Elder Zollinger and his new companion Elder Sutadi. My new companion is going to be an Indonesian again! He is from Bakasi and his name is Elder Setijawan, ( I probably spelled that wrong).

It was really awesome, I got the chance to Skype my family for mother's day this morning. They all looked so great and happy. I am SO blessed to have such a great family like them!

Love you all! Have a great week!

- Elder Hymas
Branch President and I

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