Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baru is like Cali

This week has been a good one. We were able to get lots of lessons in and that is always a good thing. We had a zone meeting in Jogja on Friday. Jogja is a cool city, It would be cool if I get to serve there one day. They gave us new standards of excellence at the zone meeting, which are like the standard of how many lessons we are supposed to have a week and how many Books or Mormon we are supposed to give out. And let me tell ya, these new standards are pretty dang high. But with hard work I'm sure we can meet them, I hope.

For P-day last week we went to Solo Baru, it is like a 40 minute bike ride away so we took a taxi haha. Solo Baru is super nice compared to Solo Jebres where I am at. There were nice buildings and really really nice malls. It felt really weird because it felt exactly like I was in California or something for a little bit. But then you ride your bike 10 minutes away and you are back in a 3rd world country.

Our awesome investigator Hendrik is progressing really well and is all set and ready for baptism on Sunday the 18th. It is really amazing to see the change that the gospel has brought in his life. He is so much more happier. It was a good reminder on why I am serving a mission. Our other Investigator JJ is barely came back to Solo from touring Indonesia with is friend for a month haha. We got to meet with him a few days ago and he is still doing good. Both Hendrik and JJ went to church with us yesterday.

Weather Update: Still incredibly hot and wet!

My Diet: Rice, Chicken, and Es Jeruk! Yum!

Have a wonderful week!
- Elder Hymas
Me in Jogja

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