Monday, July 11, 2016

I am going to miss this..

This week hasn't been too crazy other than the fact that I am spreading the Everlasting Gospel in a foreign land to a people who really want to hear it! The fact that I am doing that still amazes me even up to now. It is really an awesome experience and the most rewarding! Sure the work is often hard and you can go through some emotional ups and downs but it is all worth it. I have seen some great success in my mission but I know that I planted even more seeds, and those seed will grow without me seeing it. We won't really understand the effect that we have on people while we serve but I believe that that effect is larger than we imagine.

A few days ago a member had a birthday party and she had a cool minion cake. Here in Indonesia, or at least in Manado, they have like little worship meetings for their birthdays haha. They will be a preacher to talk and they will pray and stuff. It is interesting and pretty different from my birthdays where we party and open presents haha. While we were eating dinner there I sat next to a man whose wife works with the member who is having a birthday. I talked to him and his name is Stanley. I was able to share some of our beliefs about family and I shared the Family: A Proclamation to the World. He really liked it and agreed with it. The branch president was sitting near us and helped a bit on sharing the gospel. I got his number and I will try to meet with him and his family again this week. I can never get bored of sharing this Gospel. This restored gospel is truth, plain, simple, truth. And because it is truth we can always learn and be uplifted by it. It is impossible to be bored of it. And the best thing we can do with this truth is share it and live it!

Well today after we email we will eat a nice lunch and then I will get my last haircut in Indonesia haha. It only costs about 15,000 Rupiah to get your hair cut here so it is a lot cheaper :) I am going to miss all the cheap things in Indonesia haha. Well Have a great week! Love ya all!

- Elder Hymas
Elder Lieske and I

Me and the Minion have the same smile :)

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