Monday, January 18, 2016

Some Terror in Jakarta

Hello all, this week was good and a bit interesting. I don't know if it reached much of the news there but ya there was a bit of a terrorist attack here in Jakarta. I think in the missionary hand book we aren't allowed to talk too much about problems like that about my mission but yeah let's just say that a Burger King that I have been to a few times got bombed and a Starbucks that I have never been to got bombed. Also there have been some people that have gotten shot. I guess the Terrorists were targeting American brands and people. We just stayed in the mission office that day and it was pretty fun.

We wanted to take the busway that day to the mission office but it was closed because the bomb went off right next to the busway so yeah we just took a taxi. Hopefully more attacks don't happen. Other than that our week wasn't that interesting, the attack kinda wrecked our week. Elder Atkinson was pretty sick this week too.

Yesterday at church we had 3 investigators come. Awesome ya! They have great potential and we will continue to work with them. This week we went to some members from the Jakarta 3 ward, (the English ward) it was pretty cool. I love the English ward, it is like a breath of fresh air.

Well the sisters are bugging me because they want to use the computer to email so I guess I better let them. Take care and choose the right!

- Elder Hymas
Appointment with White people from the Jakarta 3 ward

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