Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hello all, apa kabar? This week has been a fun one indeed. So last Monday and Tuesday were my last days in Tangerang so I said goodbye to a few people and packed up and moved to the capitol city Jakarta.

Jakarta is crazy! It is literally packed full of people like nothing I have really experienced yet. They say that serving in Jakarta is its own mission in itself. It really is too. It is like super rare to meet with someone in their home and most of the people here are super busy and only work in Jakarta and live in one of the neighboring cities. So I think the main focus of the missionary work here is planting seeds everywhere. We do a lot of introducing the gospel to people and giving them our information, in hopes that the seed we plant in their heart will grow until the day they meet with missionaries again or desire to meet with us.

We have spent a lot of our time on the busway going back and forth and going places. On the busway we are able to talk to so many people and most all of them are interested in us and our message. It is pretty awesome. We have also went to some public places and monuments with a lot of people and talked to the many people there. We went to this one place called Kota Tua a few days ago and there were so many people there taking pictures and stuff. I think I ended up taking at least 600 pictures with random Indonesians that day but we also were able to give away lots of Books of Mormon and get their contact info. Nuts I tell ya.

Well my new companion is Elder Atkinson from Delta Utah. He is new about 4 months in Indonesia but his language is already super good and he loves talking to people. Everything is going well and we are having a great time. Yesterday for church I helped translate because the English ward just joined up the the Indonesian ward because of the holidays a lot of the English ward members went home or stuff like that so they just joined together for a bit.

Well I hope everyone has a great week! We are going ice staking again in a mall with a bunch of missionaries so that will be fun. I am actually not that bad at ice skating compared to most people here haha.

Love Elder Hymas
Kota Tua

me by the Monas Monument

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