Monday, January 25, 2016

Some guests in our house. And Facebook

Selamat siang, Nama saya Elder Hymas dan saya adalah seorang misionaris dari Gereja Yesus Kristus dari Orang-orang Suci Zaman Ahkir. Kami suka membagikan pesan tentang Yesus Kristus dan Keluarga.

This week was a good one. It started with me getting a hair cut last P-day. Getting hair cuts are nice because they give you a nice massage and crack your neck when they are done. And it all costs Rp 12,000 or about $0.87. I guess that is a pretty good deal. Then on Tuesday we had a District leader meeting at the mission office with president. He taught us more about the roles of a district leader and then gave us some training for using Facebook. Ya so now all the district leaders in the mission are going to use Facebook for an hour everyday to help with our missionary work. Fun stuff huh? haha but don't get any ideas.. I can't add any of you as a friend! 

Oh so we have this new investigator who is awesome! He is about 17 years old. His basketball coach invited him to our English class and we found him there about 2 weeks ago. I invited him to church with us at class and he was interested so he came with his little brother. We taught him a few time and he is just great. He comes from a Catholic background and is pretty confused learning about all the different stuff in our church, but a few members who used to be Catholic comforted him yesterday and hopefully all goes well with him!

So a few missionaries had to go Jakarta and then to Singapore for a few days because they had to renew their visa in some special way for some reason. Fun for them huh? They got back 2 days ago and have to hang around in Jakarta for a few more days to complete their visa process so 2 of them are staying at our house so that is fun. It is Elder Paskett and Elder Thomas from my MTC group who are staying with us for a few days. So it is a party in our house. 

The other Elders in our house had a baptism yesterday, that is always great to see. 
Well that is about it his week.
Sampai nanti,
- Elder Hymas
Elder Arthur and the gang did surgery on me

Elder Arthur and I

group photo

Me and elder Atkinson

The Bishop's house

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  1. Eeeeww - Missionary surgery is the WORST!
    Good luck with your new investigator!