Monday, April 13, 2015

New socks and conference


My week was pretty good, and that's cool that the girls are in Disney World, that place is a fun place full of magic and happiness. I haven't gotten any packages from you guys yet so maybe in the next few weeks I will get it. Brock sent me a letter a while ago and I got it yesterday, that was nice of him.

Our investigator Hendrik is getting baptized this Sunday and Andre should be getting baptized the week after that. He has to break it to his Muslim family first that he wants to join a Christian church haha so hopefully that goes well.

PLD is this week on Thursday and Friday. That is the meeting with the President Donald and we find out if we are moving and getting new companions. That's always exciting so maybe I will move and maybe I won't, I'm not too sure. I'm good with either one, I'll go where ever the Lord wants me to go.

We watched General Conference yesterday on Saturday and Sunday at church with the members. It was really good and uplifting like usual. We watched it all in Indonesian but I pretty much understood everything so it wasn't a big deal haha. Maybe I'll try watching it in English one of these days. I really liked Holland's talk and I liked the one in the priesthood session about fatherhood is our eternal destiny.

I also bought some new socks a few days ago and they are really comfy. I made a wise choice buying those socks.

I am glad that everyone is doing well and that my taxes got done with ease.
Love ya!

- Elder Hymas

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